Pat McGrath Mthrship Mega Celestial Divinity Review + 3 Looks

The Pat McGrath Mthrshp Mega Celestial Divinity palette is new for Holiday 2020 and the first of its kind in the Pat McGrath lineup. This palette is an extension of the Mthrshp palette range, boasting 18 shades instead of the usual 6. At $78, it’s a happy medium between her smaller Mthrshp palettes that are $65 and her larger Mothership palettes that are $125. Like the smaller Mthrshp palettes, this palette does not include any of the special eyeshadow formulas the brand is known for, rather, there are 3 of the basic mattes, with the remaining basic shimmers/metallics. The thin cardboard packaging is less luxe than her usual palettes, and the pan size is smaller, which helps keep the price lower.

I personally have never been interested in her smaller Mthrshp palettes — if I’m going to invest in a Pat palette, it’s going to be the extra luxe Mothership palettes with the gorgeous packaging and special formulas. However, the Mthrshp Mega Celestial Divinity palette intrigued me as I felt it was a really good value — I’m happy to add more of her mattes and shimmers to my collection at a little over $4 per shadow!

Additionally, I think this color story is simply stunning. I’m a huge fan of purples, pinks, and reds, and I think this is a beautiful curation of those shades with some gorgeous contrast added in the greens and golds. Plus, this palette is essentially the two Star Wars palettes from Holiday 2019, with another 6 shades added, so this is a great opportunity to pick up those shades if you missed out like I did.

Overall, I really enjoy the Mthrshp Mega Celestial Divinity palette and recommend it if you’re interested in Pat McGrath but haven’t been able to justify the price point. You won’t be getting the typical Pat experience in terms of packaging, but the packaging is still well done in my opinion.

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