Sigil by Tammy Tanuka Review + 15 Looks

Sigil Inspired by Tammy Tanuka is one of the brands I really wanted to try this year. With such an extensive library of pigments, it took me a while to sort through the site and finally commit to the shades I wanted to try first. I settled on 18 shades, and overall, I did a pretty good job selecting unique shades, with only a few being a bit too similar on the eye.

Throughout this post you’ll see the looks I created, in order of my most favorite pigment to least, though I say “least” loosely, as I enjoyed them all! I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these if you’re eyeing them, but if you’re looking for a place to start, go with the ones at the top of my list. Most of the pigments are the lid shade in the featured look, but I did pick up a few satin shades, which have been paired as crease shades with other more sparkly/shimmery shades.

The brand offers sample size pots, most of which are 1mL for around $3.50. The more unique formulas are available in 0.5mL pots for about $6.85. This is particularly great if you’re a makeup lover, as you can try a lot of different pigments without paying too much or worrying about waste. I would say the sample pots have enough for at least 5-10 uses, if not more, and the brand does offer larger sizes if you find one you want to wear often.

My order arrived about a month after I placed it, but given that the brand is based in Russia, shipping times can vary widely, especially during this pandemic. On the brand’s end, my order shipped out in two days, so the wait time was simply due to the transit time to the US.

I shopped directly through their website at, but they are also available on Etsy if you find their site tough to navigate. Personally, I just used the filtering functionality on their catalog, then added what I was interested in to my wishlist, and narrowed down from there.

I was hesitant about using loose pigments β€” yes, these are messy and require a bit of extra care. I tried them with both glitter glue and mixing medium. They tended to clump up with mixing medium β€” it was difficult to find the right balance of pigment and liquid. But they worked beautifully with glitter glue. The method that worked best for me was to apply Nyx Glitter Primer to my lid with the rephr 21 shader brush, then with the primer still on the brush, I dipped into the pot and pressed the pigment onto my lid.

Overall, these were really fun to play with, and I will definitely be ordering again! I discovered some really unique shades, and I love that they come in small pots so I can try them out without a lot of waste.

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