What I Tried and Loved in December

Every month I’ll be sharing a roundup of all the things I tried, which ones I loved or didn’t, and any other products I’ve been loving for the month.

Better late than never? January has been quite the month! I took a break from makeup after the holidays, then another break in January from posting so I could get ahead on creating content. I personally enjoy makeup so much more when I don’t pressure myself to post, whether that’s by taking a break or getting ahead on content.

I made it through most of my Black Friday purchases in December, but I did preorder some shadows from Devinah that just arrived.

New products I tried and loved

Natasha Denona Palettes

My Natasha Denona palette collection grew by 3. I purchased the Triochrome palette on launch day during the Sephora VIB sale for 20% off, then I purchased the Biba and Sunset palettes in the Natasha Denona Black Friday sale as a set for 50% off. I didn’t use Sunset until January, but I did test and review Triochrome and Biba in December! The short version: enjoyed them both. Click through the links above for the long version with looks.

Glossier Cloud Paint

Glossier Cloud Paint has been on my radar for years, and it was available in a set with Lash Slick, which I also wanted to try, and Boy Brow, which I needed to repurchase. I purchased the shade Dusk, which is a peachy nude. I love this blush because it’s highly pigmented so you don’t need much, and it applies effortlessly for a natural flush. I plan on purchasing more shades to mix and match for custom colors!

Musée Beauty Van Gogh Palette

Musée Beauty was one of my favorite new brands in 2020, so of course I had to try their new Van Gogh palette. And it did not disappoint! Stay tuned for a full review and looks.

Musée Beauty lip glazes

During Black Friday sales, Musée Beauty had a discounted set with the Van Gogh palette and their two lip glazes that met the free shipping minimum, so it was just a few dollars more to buy the lip glazes. And I’m glad I did — I have been reaching for them often, particularly the shade Cézanne, a peachy nude. They are high shine, with good slip and no stickiness, and very moisturizing.

Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate

I’ve been eyeing the cult favorite Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate for a while, so I was excited to receive it for free for testing through Influenster. I have been using it nonstop since! I received the shade Intensity 01, which I thought would be too deep. But the formula is very flexible, easy to sheer out or build up intensity, so I can actually get it to work in the winter and I’m sure it will be great in summer too. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the highlight side, but I personally enjoyed it, as it adds a very subtle glossy, pearly sheen that looks very natural, and is the perfect base for powder products.

Would I purchase this myself? At $88, the price is the biggest issue I have with this product. Given the little amount of product I need to use for the color and finish I like, I think this will last a long time, so I’m inclined to say I’d repurchase, though I’d definitely wait for a sale. It’s available at Sephora, so I know I can always wait for a VIB sale!

Glow Recipe Dew Drops

I received the new Glow Recipe Dew Drops free for testing, and I admit, I was a bit nervous about using this with my oily skin. Turns out, this is an oily skin savior! I’ve always had good results with niacinamide in reducing oiliness, and this product is no exception. I enjoy this most as either a primer or a nighttime serum before moisturizer, but I also liked this mixed with foundation for a more dewy, skin-like finish. I was afraid this would make my skin too oily by the end of the day, but if anything, it made my skin look less oily than usual, while still imparting a lovely glow.

Other new products I tried

Roen 11:11

I kept hearing such great things about the Roen Beauty eyeshadow palettes, so I was really curious to try them, but didn’t want to pay full price as I knew they weren’t something I’d use a lot on Instagram (which is all I do my makeup for these days). So when they went on sale for $29 from $42, I decided to pick up the 11:11 palette.

The formula of these shadows is really unique — creamier than a pressed cream-to-powder formula, but not as creamy as a straight up cream shadow. These work best applied with a finger, as you really have to warm up the formula. I do have oily lids, so I expected these to crease even with primer, and they did. However, it was hardly noticeable in person because of the shimmer and glitter, so I don’t mind.

My one complaint is your entire face will look like a disco ball after you remove these, more so than I had expected. There are some chunkier pieces of glitter too that irritated my eyes. That said, I layered these more intensely than they are probably meant to be used — they are really more topper shades or one-and-done finger paints.

I don’t think I’d recommend these at full price, but on sale, I don’t mind having one to toss in my travel bag, whenever that happens again.

ColourPop x Star Wars The Child palette

I haven’t really been into ColourPop lately, given the constant releases and tepid response to calls for inclusivity. But I picked up The Child palette as a gift for a friend, so I threw a second palette for myself in to meet the minimum for free shipping. It’s a beautiful color story, if not very unique, and it’s the standard ColourPop quality, which is very good for the price. I’m mostly glad I bought this because I love the packaging, if I’m being totally honest.

Glossier Lash Slick

Glossier Lash Slick was part of the set I purchased for Black Friday. I wanted to try this because Julia Adams recommended it for the lower lashline, and I do like it for that. I’ve never had any problems with it smudging. My only complaint is that I wish it gave my lashes just a little bit more of a boost — it’s very, very natural. If that’s the look you like, this is a pretty perfect mascara for it. I particularly appreciate that the brush is gentle and separates well without making a mess.

Other products I loved

Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Concealer

I mentioned the Pat McGrath concealer in last month’s roundup, and I’m officially moving this concealer to favorite status. The trick was to use less and blend with my all-time favorite brush for concealer application, the Real Techniques Setting Brush.

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